"Lia's guidance has brought us to the best place our relationships -- all of them -- have ever been. 

Lia has been a wonderful support and guide for us, as we have struggled to find our path to a happy, well-centered marriage. She has been instrumental in working through some of our significant issues of self-esteem and insecurity that had held us back from deepening our connections. As partners who each identify as bisexual and polyamorous, we have found it difficult to locate a counselor who is both accepting and knowledgeable in these areas; Lia has been outstanding in her empathetic support of our healthy, honest relationship choices."

E., age 51, QA engineer and L., homeschool parent, age 50, Sunnyvale


"Lia counsels people from 'alternative lifestyles' so you know she's heard all the nasty juicy shit. 

Lia has been absolutely invaluable to me. I understand why, too. It's impossible to get a truly objective view of yourself. I have tried. I read books, meditated, took psychedelic drugs, you name it. I learned a lot about myself for sure, but it's all within the context of my own head. You need external observation to corroborate your ideas about yourself. Unfortunately, most people don't provide the best feedback. They've got their own issues to deal with, so it's hard to get a really good idea about yourself from those around you. Lia is different. She is an emotional mirror for me. She observes, listens, and responds back with what she sees and hears, and her insight is incredible. She is not so much a doctor as a guide. She will help you learn about yourself. "

J.T., age 44, automation engineer, San Jose


“Lia is an incredible healer.

I worked with Lia to help me overcome some issues I was having with debilitating stage fright. I had taken up the guitar and was having a lot of problems being comfortable playing it in front of audiences. The fear was overwhelming and it was mysterious to me because I had been a performer for nearly 25 years already and never had these kinds of phobias before. One [hypnotherapy] session really calmed my nerves and improved my playing dramatically."

Margaret Cho, Comedian and musician, Los Angeles


"For the first time in my entire life I finally feel like I am ok in my gender identity, and there's nothing wrong with me.  

First and foremost, thank you. For the longest time I couldn't understand why people liked me, or would want to have much to do with me because I couldn't see what they saw. There has to be a flaw, why can't they see it like I do??? But for the first time in EVER do I really believe that I'm (perfectly)ok. Even though other well intentioned friends had tried to convince me that it was true, I never honestly believed it until now. You are very good at putting puzzle pieces together. All my quirks and shenanigans-- crew, wrestling, my maintenance jobs, recycling, getting a fifth-wheel!, gym time, camping/hiking solo (not my smartest idea), and so much more...( I even took a tractor-driving class my first semester of college!) didn't fit the mold my family thought I should have/do/be in, but in reality are perfectly acceptable things for me to like and do. Thank you so much for telling me and convincing me."

A.A., age 42, park ranger, San Jose

“We feel like this is a safe place where [my partner and I] can have uncomfortable conversations.”

M., age 41, sculptor and installation artist, Campbell