Change can be uncomfortable. My job is to provide a judgment-free zone where you feel comfortable with that discomfort.

I am known for counseling people with kink, poly, LGBTQ and alternative lifestyles. People of all walks of life know that since I’m open-minded, they can trust me with their deepest secrets and the “it’s complicated” life problems in need of unconventional solutions. I work with lots of high-functioning adults who have a background of emotional abuse and trauma.

I create a safe space where you can work things out. 

Clients include executives, artists and engineers. I've been called an "incredible healer" by Margaret Cho who worked with me to get over stage fright.

With over 20 years of experience in the healing field, I excel at holding complex understandings of multiple threads of the client’s story. I have Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the internationally acclaimed Pacifica Graduate Institute, and am a trained hypnotist and EMDR psychotherapist. I've also received extensive training for adult children of narcissists, couples therapy, and trauma treatment.

People tell me I speak the truth in a way they can hear it. 

Alternative lifestyles can be complicated- tighter schedules, more emotions, more to balance, more to consciously think about.


I am a seasoned sex educator and an advocate of sexual minorities. VANILLA IS OKAY TOO! :)

I am a Bay Area Native.

Even without a non-traditional family, life in the Bay Area is anything but simple. People dump a ball of tangled wires in front of me and I sit with them as we unravel it together. I get what it means to live, work, and raise kids here: the pressures, the delights, and the peculiarities. As a wife, mother, and stepmother, from a blended family of origin, I am surrounded by complexity and can support you in the twists and turns of your life.

You won't be judged here.